Interviewed by President’s

It has been almost a year and a half since Tasukaru Inc.
Tasukaru Inc. has been featured on, a website run by Passion & Partners Japan LLC, a company that specializes in domestic and international PR.
The article describes my life story from my childhood until I started my own business, my goals after starting my own business, and my future goals, etc.
Although I am the president of Tasukaru, I am still only a mere name, and Tasukaru is made possible by the help of everyone. It is thanks to all the staff members that I was able to scale this year. I am truly grateful.
I would be happy if you, the people who will be involved in Tasukaru from now on, could get the impression that I am a person like this.


岡菜保氏 株式会社 Tasukaru「インサイドセールス・営業コンサルのプロ集団」