My name is Oka, representative of Tasukaru Co.

Although the term “full-time housewife” has become rare these days, I believe that it is not easy for a woman to work while balancing marriage, childbirth, and child rearing. Among them, I think it is really difficult to earn enough money to improve one’s career and enrich one’s life.

At Tasukaru, we want to continue to provide a place where forward-looking women can become independent.
Inside sales is not an easy job, but it can be done remotely, and in the case of those with small children, it can be done in case of sudden illness.
Of course, those who are single and want to build their careers are also welcome.
In the future, we would like to encourage those who wish to do so to take advantage of our in-house Company system.
We aim to be a company where people can work remotely, earn an independent income, and aim to improve their skills.

We believe that we can only provide services that satisfy our clients if we continue to provide an environment that is not only profitable for us, but also provides our employees with a sense of fulfillment and a vision for the future.

We want people who want to make the most of their careers without worrying about their age, who have children, who live in rural areas, or who are wheelchair-bound to take on the challenge of earning an income that will allow them to be self-sufficient.

We aim to be a company where “even if you have fallen behind in your career, you can still get another chance”.

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Company Profile

Company NameTasukaru Corporation
Location〒105-0013 2-2-15-2F Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of EstablishmentMay 2021
Capital Stock2,000,000 yen
Representative DirectorNaho Oka
BusinessInside Sales Outsourcing
Inside Sales Consulting
Online Negotiation Outsourcing
Call Center Operations
Market Research
Customer Service

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