The Power of Transformation in the Age of 100 Years of Life

Recently, I read a book titled “WORK SHIFT” by Linda Gratton, a professor at the London Business School in England, and the word “transformation” made me think of something.

Until recently, people thought that life would last 70 to 80 years, so many people in their 50s had planned their lives so that they would be able to retire safely….

However, now that life is expected to last 100 years, I feel that values are changing in many ways.


For example, at work, it is of course important to be able to “close a deal and sell a product through inside sales” and “get an appointment,” but it is also important to have the ability to make proposals and analyze. Also, with the spread of remote sales, office processing skills and computer skills are becoming essential.


I feel that acquiring skills that were not necessary in the past will influence the way we work in the future and help us to be who we need to be. We feel this way.


For example, Tasukaru’s clients are not only Japanese but also overseas, and we sometimes receive work directly from overseas.

I myself am not a person who can speak English well, but I have felt globalization several times in the past year.

Do I have time? Will I be able to do it? I am worried about whether I will have time or not, but I am thinking of studying English next year. I am thinking of studying English next year, but only little by little.)


Perhaps we are entering an age in which “transformative power” is being questioned in addition to age. I think it is the little things that matter. For example, asking for the correct e-mail address without making a mistake, or learning to use a computer, even if it is only little by little. If you have inside sales and administrative skills, you can handle a variety of projects.

It’s a pile of dust… (laughs)


I also believe that transformability = humility.


While I have confidence in my past achievements, the times are changing, so I humbly accept what I am not able to do and transform myself.

I think it is fun to study and learn new things, because it expands your world.

I want to transform myself, and I am grateful that there are many staff members who are willing to tackle new things on a daily basis.