Regarding the merits and demerits of the performance-based and fixed-fee types

For those of you who are new to our services, we would like to explain the difference between a performance-based and a fixed-compensation type of service.

Pay-for-performance type: Payments are made only when an appointment is made or a product is sold.
Merit: Low overhead costs
Demerit: No firm action or contact is made.

Fixed fee type: Payments are made as a fixed fee regardless of whether an appointment is made or a sale is made.
Advantage: Study groups and meetings are well organized and communication is good.
Demerit Not sure if it will really lead to earnings

Since our establishment, we have received 100% of our projects on a fixed-fee basis.
We are often asked by other companies, “Why do you receive so many projects on a fixed-fee basis? We are often asked “Why do you get so many fixed-fee projects?

We have been doing test introductions in some cases.
If there is any uncertainty, we can start after building a relationship of trust between us and the client by conducting a test introduction.
We believe that clients who have said they want to use a pay-for-performance model have some concerns.
If we can dispel their concerns by conducting a test introduction, they will be able to start with confidence.
Of course, there are cases in which the pay-for-performance type will yield a larger amount of reward.
However, I believe that in business, it is difficult for either party to continue to gain or lose money.

We also believe that it is a bit unreasonable to rely solely on the strength of the person in charge of the field.
I believe that a product will sell only when we create a sales mechanism from various angles, including appropriate pricing, presentation, lead acquisition methods, differentiation from other companies, and historical background, create a good list, and have a capable sales representative join the sales team to pursue customers.

I may be exaggerating a bit, but when I myself am making the final closing, I am carrying the culmination of all the engineers, backyard, and marketing people on my back! I decide here! I’m closing with that in mind. lol)
My goal is to make sure that everyone’s efforts are not in vain and that they are converted into the price of money.