How to build your own inside sales…what do you need to do?

Our clients who use Tasuakru want to build their own inside sales system in the future, and they want us to teach them how to do it.

We have had a number of clients who have used Tasuakru. We have had several clients who have asked us to train them.

I really want you to use Tasuakru as it is…lol…but since I am writing a blog, I would like to talk about building an Inside Sales system.


I think it will be easier to build an inside sales team if you consider the following points when hiring and training.


1. whether inside sales fits your company culture or not

Many inside salespeople are women, so a workplace with many men or engineers may find it relatively difficult to be close to women. It’s tough for women to have basic equality, no matter how trivial it may seem.

2. whether there are people who can manage

It is a question of whether or not there are experienced people who can act from the perspective of the workplace. If you are a person who only listens to your superiors, it may have a negative impact on you.

3. Is the hiring criteria clear?

Hiring criteria here are whether the person has a sales mindset, whether he/she has the necessary skills and experience to make appointments, and whether he/she has the motivation to do so.

4. Whether the company has a salary structure and employment system to motivate staff.

This is to ensure that the remuneration is commensurate with the work.

5. Whether or not there is a system in place for learning.

Whether or not there is a system in place to answer questions that you do not understand.

6. Are you able to select the target of your list?

The list is very important!


I know that at first glance, building an inside sales force may seem easy to some, but it is a very expensive and high staff turnover type of job.

I myself believe that only 1 in 100 people can really do it.

A company’s assets are its people. I believe that a company that does not care about its people will not attract good people.


I would like to talk a little more about what I pay attention to.

I’m going to start a company specializing in inside sales;

I have been trying to “nurture the independence of the staff” since I started a company specializing in inside sales.

Some companies have a manual talk system and sell over 30 calls per hour with auto-calls without being able to answer questions, and I think there are different ways to think about it. I think it is not a good way to do a good job.


If you do it yourself, inside sales is a manpower tactic that requires a list and a talk script to be developed based on detailed information.

I’m sure you’ll be able to help me with that;

Also… if the person who manages the inside sales is easy to talk to, it will be easier to find out the issues early.

I hope this helps a little!