The Future and Benefits of Remote Work and Inside Sales

I was surprised to see remote work spread quickly across the country due to Corona 2020.
The Corona situation is not something to be celebrated, but I think it is true that the dawn of a new way of working has accelerated.
I think it is a fact that the spread of remote work has accelerated the dawn of a new way of working.
Remote work has become more widespread, and it is now possible for each individual to work in a way that allows for a better work-life balance.

I myself was pressed for time for a year after starting my own business last year, but I think remote work was one of the reasons I was able to manage it.

I think inside sales and remote work go hand in hand very well.
If you use a spreadsheet, you can see the status of calls in real time, and if you put in a function, you can see how many calls you made today, and you can summarize them in a pivot table.
We can also use Slack to answer questions instantly or share questions with others, and Google and Slack have made this a very convenient way to work.

Companies have told us that they save time and money compared to having their staff come to the office and make calls every day, and yet they are able to get better appointments than before because they can share information in the online meetings. We have been able to get better quality appointments than before by sharing information through online meetings.

I believe that we can improve efficiency by minimizing the number of things that have to be done.

Personally, for 20 years, I have wondered why they don’t use inside sales, since it would increase the number of sales in a day and sales would increase.

I think inside sales is effective when the price per product is between several tens of thousands of yen and 500,000 yen.
The number of sales meetings can be increased even with web-based sales meetings.
As the number of meetings increases, the closing rate will naturally increase as well.
I believe that inside sales can achieve many times better results than field sales if it is done up to the closing stage.

Of course, there are still some issues to be solved in the area of personal information, and many companies may wonder if they can really achieve results remotely. I am sure there are many companies that are concerned about whether they can really achieve results remotely.
In such cases, it may be best to ask if the company has a vision to motivate staff.

I believe that the only way for remote work and inside sales is to build a relationship of trust with the company by accumulating results from now on.
And I believe it will further accelerate and grow in the future.

In the process of actually conducting inside sales through remote work, I have felt that applicants can work from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and we have had the experience of working with overseas clients.
Personally, I believe that it will be possible to connect and work together with people from all over the world online.
Although I work remotely, the world that I have been able to experience through my work has been very broad. LOL)
With a declining population, the workforce of the younger generation is becoming more limited, so I think that remote working, inside sales, and online meetings are necessary in some areas.
For example, I think that remote work will revitalize society as a whole, especially for those who have been hesitant to work or those who have not had many opportunities in rural areas.

I believe that companies can take advantage of good human resources and job seekers have a chance to find a better job if they can get opportunities no matter where they live.