Is inside sales really the gateway to field sales?

I would be happy to discuss the basic differences between field sales and inside sales.
First of all, the difference between field sales and inside sales can be briefly summarized as follows
Field Sales: Sales where you talk to the customer face to face
Inside sales: sales that speak only on the phone

People often say that inside sales is a gateway to success for field sales.
I myself have experience in field sales, and I also have experience in inside sales from making an appointment to closing the deal.
I believe that inside sales is not a gateway to field sales, but rather a completely different type of specialized sales.

Many companies train their field salespeople to make appointments on their own.
However, in this case, I think that men with low voices and women who speak without hesitation are at a disadvantage when it comes to making appointments.
Of course, in field sales, a low voice may be more persuasive and calm, and a woman who speaks without hesitation may be easier to understand and more credible in feed sales.

However, I think that inside sales is a “hello” call to a new place with just a voice.
In this case, it is preferable to be very soft and non-intimidating, and it is easier to get an appointment if the person feels your emotions in a good way.
The most important thing is to create a soft and natural atmosphere that does not make the other person feel defensive.
Of course, there are men who also have a soft tone of voice, so I don’t think there is a distinction between men and women here.

From my own experience, those who are able to make appointments and close deals over the phone often have their own unique atmosphere and world from their first words.
Also, when I used to work for a cosmetics company, it was not so much the quality of the voice, especially in the case of women, but rather the way they sang karaoke.

At that time, I was creating individual talk scripts that suited the quality of my own voice and the way I spoke.
That was not the only reason, but once a month on a sales day when we concentrated our list, we had a floor of 50 to 60 people on a single day. We had over 10 million in sales.

In summary, to be successful in inside sales, you need practice, of course, but I think it also has to do with whether or not you are suited for a voice-only first approach.
If companies and those who manage them understand this, I think it will be easier for feed salespeople to achieve sales results more efficiently.