How to choose a sales agent

This time, how should we select a sales representative company from among the stars? I would like to summarize from the perspective of actually running a sales representative company.

If I were to start a business and choose a sales representative company, I would choose ・・・・・

I would choose a sales representative company that would increase sales of my products and the president of the sales representative company would think about me.

‘Of course. I think most companies say, ‘Of course, so do we.

To be more specific, when selecting a company, we look at the job listings of sales representative companies and give some thought to companies that charge between 1,000 yen and 1,200 yen. This is because it is not the president of the company who actually works for the company, but the staff.

We ask how much they are willing to learn about the product and whether they have an environment that allows them to work with a high level of motivation.

Even if you pay a high price, if the sales agent takes most of the money, you will not be able to retain quality staff.

To briefly summarize the conditions, we would choose a sales representative company that has the following


– The company should be in an environment where questions from actual field workers can be linked via spreadsheets, Slack, and email, and answers can be shared. (Of course, we will also ask if it is possible to share pre-study sessions, etc.)

– We will ask questions about what is being done to motivate the workers.

– We will see how professional the representative is in sales.

– We will ask how many sales techniques they have. Depending on the target, it may be tough to make calls alone.

– We will ask for details about list building.

– Do they have experience in industries similar to your own? We will check if they have specific consulting skills.

– We ask if they are flexible and willing to work with us.

In order to sell products, we believe that many factors are involved, not only the quality and training of the staff.

List creation and talk scripts with appropriate pricing and targeted selection.

There is no end to the knowledge of the product, the lead acquisition method, the superiority of the product compared to other companies, the background of the times, and so on.

There are many sales agents who say, “We can do it. There are many sales agents who will tell you that they can do it, but I think it would be better to ask them where they can back up their figures.

First of all, we would like to understand your company’s business and write down how you have been acquiring leads.

I think it is important to communicate the facts and what you can do from now on to the sales agency before consulting with them.